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Semi dedicated hosting plans

Having more spare reserves and independence for your blogs is invariably a fine option. The semi dedicated server accounts furnished by Lifenethost are properly rigged with everything more visited online portals would request for brisker content load speeds under sizable traffic circumstances. Juxtaposed with Private Virtual Servers accounts, the semi-dedicated hosting server accounts also supply unlimited domain web hosting opportunities, but offer way more processor and hosting server provisions, because of the fewer user account owners sharing the very same quite powerful web server. In addition, you still obtain the hosting industry’s finest hosting CP - Hepsia. As a standard equipment, at no additional charge. You will highly appreciate the point and click File Manager, the Domain Manager and the Email Manager, the 1-click Web Apps Installer and the Web Page Creation Tool sections.

Feature Details Semi Dedicated 1 Semi Dedicated 2
Monthly Price
Web Hosting Space Unlimited Unlimited
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum CPU Usage 100% 200%
MySQL Queries 90 000 / hour 130 000 / hour
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Space Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IP
Hosted Hostnames Unlimited Unlimited
eMail Addresses Unlimited Unlimited
FTPs Unlimited Unlimited
1-click Web Apps Installer
Web Page Creation Tool
Free Web Design Layouts
Web Service Accessibility