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Sales Funnel For Network Marketing – How To Design Recruiting Funnel For MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

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If you want to build a saleable and profitable network marketing business, you need a system that you can use to automatically convert your prospects/leads into your downline/customers. Also, this system must be duplicable so your downline can copy and paste it without any hassle. That’s the key. So you either create the system yourself or you inherit the system. In internet marketing, we call this system a funnel. A funnel is a process of converting your lead/prospect into your customer. It is automatic so you don’t have to do anything manually. In order for you to build a funnel, you need to know what a funnel is, and how you can build it.

In this video, I want to share with you two different funnels that you can build for your network marketing business.

The first one is a lead funnel. So here, instead of selling to your prospect directly, you want to build a list, you want to build a relationship in advance. So how do we go about that? We want to give away something for free. It could be a free training, or a free report on how to make money online, or how to lose weight. It depends on your prospect. When they visit the page, they don’t get those directly. They have to leave their email address to receive that. You can send the free report on their email address, but you also send them follow-up emails on a regular basis, almost every day. In those emails, you will tell stories, provide value, and teach them something that will make you an expert in their eyes. Then you leave a link at the end of those emails. You can say: hey, if you want to learn about how to build a profitable network marketing business, click on the link below. Then you send them to a page: the application form. On the first page, you want to introduce the opportunity of working with you, and joining your downline. You can show some testimonials, or do some training here. Then there’s an application button, which takes them to the application form. So they don’t join your downline directly, they have to apply for that. Also, they have to go through an interview with your or your team. You can schedule a call with them. After you have checked that they are legit and willing to work, you can recruit them in your team.

The reason why we do that is if you send traffic directly to your application form, the conversion rate is really low because they don’t know who you are yet. So before you even ask them to become your downline, you want to build a relationship, that’s the reason why you send those emails as well. You want to tell stories, you want to do some free training so they will trust you. Also we are going to use this funnel to make a list of people who already want to do network marketing business. We don’t promote to just anyone, we only promote to people who are interested.
The second way is that instead of giving something for free, you can actually sell a low ticket item. You can sell maybe a 1 dollar book, or a 7 dollar book, or a 10 dollar training. So you sell an item or a product. The lead then would be more qualified, because they are your proven buyers. Sometimes, it is really hard for you to earn profit upfront, so if you can breakeven in the beginning, that means you sell some items and make some money, then you can use that system to generate some leads. And you can use that to build your network marketing business. You send them follow up emails, and they can go to the application page, and so one. That’s the second way of doing things.
So you can build your list in two ways. The first one is that you can give away something for free, or you can sell something at a low price, so you will generate leads for free. Then you follow up with emails, and send them to the funnel. Then they have to apply to become your downline. You can book a call to check if they are legit and willing to work. Then they can become a part of your downline. That’s how you build a funnel for you network marketing business. If you want to learn more about how to build a funnel, you can check the link below for more information. I hope you enjoyed that. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE as there is more content to come. I will see you soon in the next video.

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